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A logo is the most important Branding Element of any branding exercise after its name. Listening to the name, the first visual identity that comes to anyone's mind which also distinguishes your company from others is 'your logo'. Hence one should pay a great emphasis on the same. We design different types of logos like Typographic, Symbolic, Artistic, Corporate or any other format for different industries/ sectors. Based on the field of your business, we suggest your brand or personal identity an appropriate logo type. Like most food chains/ restaurants or shops prefer to have typographic types and the corporate or other industries prefer to have a symbol representing their company.

A few aspects you need to consider before you finalize the designer or the company that will design your logo. Based on our design experience and regular client feedbacks over the past years, there are two important aspects of the same which go hand in hand, i.e. 'the concept' and 'the overall Look'! A logo is always incomplete, if it does not have a concept. Any creation which looks good but does not have a meaning to it, can be a logo for anyone. There needs to be a connection in between your brand and your logo. And no matter how good is your concept, if it does not have a good overall look, it fails to catch the first attention of any targeted viewer. With no good overall look of the same, it reflects the arrogance of the stand-alone concept. Apart from the same there are various aspects we consider like the style, color, minimalism and more. We start off taking your requirements in detail and then with an in depth analysis, creativity and perseverance we conclude a logo. SYMBOLIC

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Category Features USD INR+GST
Starter 5 design concepts 3 revisions 80 4,000
Best Buy 7 design concepts 5 revisions 110 5,500
Premium Illustrative Logos, 3 Unique Custom Illustrations, 6 Logo Designs Using These 3 Illustrations, 5 Revisions on the Selected Illustration 130 6,500
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